Historic Preservation

The Maryland State Society, NSDAR, has been involved in the preservation of sites and properties since our beginning! We are proud of the work we do to maintain and conserve a varied array of valuable historic resources from all across our state. Resources include buildings and rooms, monuments, cemeteries, forests, and more. Many are open to the public and serve as testaments to the continued work of our society.

Historic Sites in Maryland

The NSDAR Historic Sites and Properties Database identifies over 200 sites distributed among fifty states and the Units Overseas, including Maryland.  

Maryland Room at NSDAR

Maryland's Period Room at the DAR Museum depicts the lifestyle of an affluent Baltimore family through its classical 1830s parlor, resplendent with handpainted wallpaper.

The Madonna of the Trail Statues

A series of 12 identical monuments dedicated to the spirit of pioneer women, erected in each of the states through which the National Old Trails Road passed, beginning in Maryland.

Fort Frederick State Forest

Known as the Maryland DAR Forest Planting on Fort Frederick State Forest, it was the first such forest of this kind in America.