Maryland State Society, NSDAR, began in 1892 with the formation of the Baltimore Chapter, NSDAR, and the Frederick Chapter, NSDAR. Since then we have grown to 46 chapters and 3,000 members. Our headquarters is in Baltimore, and our members are distributed throughout the state; with half in the Washington and Baltimore metropolitan area, and half equally distributed in Western Maryland, the Eastern Shore, and Southern Maryland.

No matter where they live, Maryland Daughters are vital and active members of their communities. Education is key to the future, and Maryland Daughters work tirelessly with schools throughout the state instilling patriotism and responsible citizenship in today's youth enabling them to be prepared to lead in the future. We participate in scores of classrooms with DAR Good Citizens committee work. We have sponsored more than 800 students pursuing American history through our essay contests, and hundreds of students in Junior American Citizens contests and activities. We promote literacy with members volunteering hundreds of hours and donating hundreds of books and thousands of dollars in support of child and adult literacy. We have forwarded thousands of dollars in financial aid to DAR Schools and doubled the principal in our state scholarship, awarding 10 state scholarships and 12 chapter scholarships. We have distributed thousands of flags at events and parades, including to newly naturalized citizens. Maryland Daughters are proud to have welcomed more than 550 naturalized citizens at naturalization ceremonies around the state. 

Community Service

The Maryland State Society, NSDAR, carries out the objectives of the National Society through a variety of programs in its local communities:


The Maryland State Society, NSDAR, sponsors several contests for students to promote its mission of historic preservation, education, and patriotism. For more information, please contact your local chapter.