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 State Theme
“Reflections of the Past; Visions of the Future”
“Praise Him who led his people through the wilderness, for his loving kindness continues forever.”
Psalms 136:16


During each administration, in addition to activities and projects accomplished at the state and national level, Maryland Daughters undertake special projects to further the objectives of history, education, and patriotism.

There are several new ideas and committees for this administration. We want to reduce waste and “Green up” our State Administration.

The first effort is the establishment of the Maryland Archival and Technology Committee. This committee will establish policies and procedures for digitizing our archives and how the state will comply with adequate and sound principles of this “digitization.” This is a major effort on our part and the new committee is up for the challenge.

The second effort is to encourage members to receive The Spinning Wheel via email. If we can begin this effort we will save thousands of dollars each year. These savings can then be used to increase scholarships.

And, speaking of scholarships, what better way to support the Maryland DAR Scholarship commitment than to establish a Maryland Children of the American Revolution (C.A.R.) Scholarship Fund! We will be establishing a corpus to give an annual scholarship to our Maryland C.A.R. Several senior members of C.A.R. have agreed to work with Maryland State Society Daughters of the American Revolution members on this project. We can accomplish this goal through your cooperation with our “greening” efforts.

So stay tuned to see how our efforts prevail.

Black-Eyed Susans

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